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New leaders at IST Austria

Yesterday, the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) announced three new executives for its management. Professor Gaia Novarino and Professor Bernd Bickel were appointed Vice […]


Quantum Computing with Holes

In the world of quantum mechanics, researchers can even make empty space, the lack of something, do their bidding. Scientists from the Katsaros group at the Institute […]


How retroviruses become infectious

Understanding every step in the life cycle of a virus is crucial for identifying potential targets for treatment. Now, scientists at the Institute of Science and Technology […]

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 04:00PM - 05:00PM

Zoom a Scientist Girls' Special

Zoom a Scientist Girls’ Special am 15. Juni für Schülerinnen der Unterstufe (Meeting auf Deutsch)Zoom a Scientist ist ein wissenschaftliches Vermittlungsprogramm, das vom IST Austria entwickelt wurde, um […]

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 04:30PM - 05:15PM

Single eigenvalue fluctuations of random matrices

Gustavsson proved that the fluctuations of a bulk GUE eigenvalue around its mean are asymptotically Gaussian after a suitable rescaling.  O'Rourke extended this to the GOE and GSE […]

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 05:30PM - 06:15PM

Failure of Ornstein-Zernike asymptotics for models with exponentially decaying interactions

In 1914 and 1916, Ornstein and Zernike published a celebrated heuristic predicting the sharp asymptotic behaviour of density-density correlations in high temperature/low density gases. This theory has […]

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IST Cube is a new seed fund based at the Institute of Science and Technology in Austria. IST CUBE focuses on startups with a background in deep tech and science, and offers a dedicated curriculum for entrepreneurs, access to a thriving research institute, and financial investment. IST Cube

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